Crystal Collection Winter

Crystal Collection Winter

In our Crystal Collection for Winter 2022, we joined the beauty  of crystals with the art of hair color. Inspired by the healing  power of crystals, we’ve put together these mixes to create our  winter trend hair color collection. Mix up these colors to bring  out your inner sparkle and glimmer. Which beautiful colors or  emotions are evoked in you?  

The use of crystals dates back 5000 years ago in traditional  Chinese Medicine. Interestingly, we can find all of the same  qualities of crystals to be true of hair color. The way it makes us  feel, the glimmer of the sun bouncing off it and the beauty of the  color range are all things we are drawn to. The use of hair color  dates back over 3500 years ago with the Egyptians using henna  to cover their gray.

PINK AURA QUARTZ can uplift our mood, give us inner strength, emotional support and promotes  self-love. All of these same feelings are evoked in @chelseamilliganhair crystal beauty.  

To create this, she used VIRAL SILVER COLORWASH and a custom mix of VIRAL LIGHT PINK  and HOT PINK COLORWASH melted into the bottom.

CELESTITE can bring inner peace, optimism, happiness and good fortune. We certainly feel peace and happiness when we look at this gorgeous creation by @theodoraraptis Theo used a custom mix of BABY BLUE and SILVER COLORWASH to make this sparkling creation.

AMYTHST calms the mind, gives protection, encourages awareness and releases tension. @purplehairlady created this calming and stunning color using a custom mix of VIRAL LAVENDER, LIGHT PINK and PURPLE COLORWASH.

Whether you are on your crystal journey or you are just looking for your next hair color, you can find both with the CRYSTAL COLLECTION for Winter.

Now grab the crystal that inspires you and start creating! It almost makes us wonder what the Egyptians would have done if they had CELEB LUXURY?

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