Shade Spotlight: All Things Pastel

Shade Spotlight: All Things Pastel

Shade Spotlight: All things Pastel

Soft and subtle yet still impactful. Hollywood’s best accessory this summer is pastel hair. Check out these celebs for some major inspiration!

Kelly Osbourne

Hilary  Duff

Scott Disick

What if we told you that achieving healthy, clean beauty pastel hair color is as easy as using a color depositing shampoo and conditioner? We have you covered! Try our range of colors including Baby Blue, Light Pink, Lilac, Lavender, Rose Gold, and Coral.

Our pastel shampoos and conditioners are designed to work with bleached/pre-lightened palest blonde hair. Choose either the color shampoo or colorditioner, whichever works best for you. (Or if you’re color obsessed, use them together!)

Use our color shampoos for hi-lather, high volume, and hi-color deposit on damp hair working instantly to transform your hair color.

Use our color conditioners on damp hair for deep moisture, bond repair, stronger hair, and hi color deposit in just 5-10mins.

Use our color shampoos and color conditioners together for the ultimate hair color routine. 

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