What Your Favorite Coffee Says About You and How to Achieve the Hair Color to Match

What Your Favorite Coffee Says About You and How to Achieve the Hair Color to Match
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Your daily coffee shop run may say more about your than you think. Let’s dive into what your coffee order may be saying about your personality and how to create the perfect hair color to match. 

Black Coffee:

Starting strong (no pun intended), ordering a black coffee signifies that you are a straight shooter. Routine is very important to you, almost as important as your morning caffeine fix. You are patient yet efficient. Some people may describe you as quiet, but you are often thinking of your next big move. 

Your no-nonsense approach to life means that you need a hair color care system that will perform under pressure. To match your favorite cup of joe, check out Celeb Luxury’s Gem Lites Star Sapphire Colorditioner This rich natural brown shade will keep your brunette hair happy, healthy and salon fresh always. 


Goodbye drama. The perfect amount of steamed milk softens the bitterness of the espresso, a lot like how you handle drama. You love helping people and are often very generous with your time. A lot like a latte you are laid back, dependable and realistic. Although you are the dream team player you sometimes have difficulties making decisions. 

Choosing a hair color maintenance regime doesn’t have to be one of those tough decisions. Creating the perfect latte inspired hair color is as easy as grabbing Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Sandy Opal Colorditioners. Use Sandy Opal on its own for a beautiful neutral blonde, or mix in any other colorditioner to create your very own latte blend.  


Never settling, if a cappuccino is your drink of choice you want it all and aren’t afraid to go after it. You are sociable and creative with a sense of sophistication. With your head in the clouds always dreaming, you find it easy to become bored with those around you. People may see you as a perfectionist, but as you know if a cappuccino isn’t made perfectly it becomes a latte and you aren’t about that life. You enjoy taking pleasure in the little things.

Thanks to Celeb Luxury, you never have to be bored with your hair color again. Get creative and start making your own custom mixes whenever the mood strikes. For the perfect cappuccino starting base, grab the Gem Lites Sandy Opal & Cocoa Quartz Colorditioners. Grab your very own custom Mixing Bottle, use 3 parts Sandy Opal Colorditioner to 1 part  Cocoa Quartz Colorditioner and mix together to reveal the the most delicious cappuccino shade. 

Caffe Mocha 

You’re the best friend that everyone wishes they had. Warm and sensitive, a lot like the mocha you are perfect balance between sweet and bitter. You are adaptive and like thinking on your feet. The taste of coffee isn’t your favorite but you aren’t going to miss the party. People gravitate to you for your playfulness. As a trendsetter, everyone tends flocks to you for fashion and beauty advice. 

What is being the life of the party without amazing hair? Try reaching for (..and then tell all your friends about) **Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Cocoa Quartz Colorditioner**, the perfect color depositing conditioner to maintain a rich mocha color to your hair. 

Iced Coffee 

You have one pace, and it’s fast. You are constantly on the go with a take charge attitude. Some may see you a reckless, but really you are just spontaneous and confident in your decisions. You will try anything once and thrive in social environments. That being said you know when to get serious, don’t put up with drama and get things done. 

In the spirit of trying something new and saving valuable time, reach for the Celeb Luxury Brown Diamond Colorwash. The Brown Diamond Colorwash allows you to shampoo that dreamy golden brown iced coffee color into your hair in the matter of seconds. 

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